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Digital Photography Classes at the Fremont Art Centre

Class descriptions and dates through Spring 2012

Digital Photography Classes in Fremont

I am happy to announce our schedule of photography classes in Fremont for fall 2011 and Spring 2012 at the new Fremont Art Centre in Niles. The new Fremont Art Centre is sponsored by the Fremont Art Association. The Centre is located at the end of the same block as the old FAA Gallery. You will find us at 37697 Niles Blvd. Fremont, CA 510-792-0905. For information call Cooksey's studio at 510-742-0548.

Award winning Fremont Artist of the Year Jacline Deridder will teach our Photoshop Elements class. Cooksey will teach the Panoramic Photography and HDR Photography workshops and the very popular 8 week Photoshop for Photographers class.

What are you interested in?

If you take snapshots "just for fun" and great memories the Intro to Digital Editing classes are for you!!!

The Photoshop Primer course is for folks who don't know Photoshop but want to start... This class is intended for photographers and artists that want a good basis for continued learning and entry level students who are interested in getting the most out of the intermediate to advanced 8 week Photoshop for Photographers course. We will cover basic Photoshop operations in detail in the 3 hour workshop.

The 8 week Photoshop for Photographers class is an intermediate to advanced course for serious photographers who want to gain control of their images and master their printing workflow.

If you are interested in these classes you can sign up online by clicking on the links below, going to the Fremont Art Centre or by sending a check to Cooksey-Talbott. If you would like to mail a check please email me and I will send you my address.

We will have a free online group at:


We also have an ongoing discussion and photographic art appreciation program in our Facebook group at:


Please join us in both places, they both have their benefits!

For your security we process our online payments through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make online payments for classes.


Photoshop Classes in Fremont

PS-101 Photoshop Primer

Instructor: Cooksey-Talbott
1 - 3 hour session
Tuesday - October 25 - 6pm to 9pm
Sunday - February 5 - 1pm to 4pm
40.00 for 3 hours

PS-101 is an entry level workshop designed for photographers and artists who want to start learning Photoshop. The workshop is a primer course for the 8 week Photoshop for Photographers class for beginners who want to take a more extensive program. This class runs a week before the 8 week class to create a n incremental learning experience.

If you are not really familiar with Photoshop this class will prepare you with the basic concepts of digital imaging and use of the Photoshop CS program. We will cover basic Photoshop techniques, selection, layers, cropping, sizing, sharpening, retouching and more…

If you want to learn Photoshop for use with photography this is an excellent place to start.

  • Understand digital imaging and file types
  • Make Selections
  • Understand Layers and Channels
  • Use Adjustment Layers
  • Understand Resolution
  • Understand Color Balance
  • Use Filters
  • More…

Photoshop Primer - $40.00
Tuesday October 25th - 6:00-9:00pm

Photoshop Primer - $40.00
Sunday February 5th - 1:00-4:00pm


Photoshop for Photographers

Instructor: Cooksey-Talbott
8 - 2 hour Thursday night classes
Starts on 10/27/2011 and again on 2/9/2012

Photoshop for photography is a two-month series of weekly workshops that will cover in detail the operation of Photoshop CS for intermediate through advanced photographers.

If you are a beginner and want to take the series you might consider taking the Photoshop Primer class to get you up to speed on basic digital image editing concepts.

Basic operations will be covered in depth from simple through more complex uses. In each class we will divide the time between the introduction of the new concepts and working up images using the techniques we have learned.

Photoshop for Photographers - $150.00
8 Weeks - Start Thursday October 27th

Photoshop for Photographers - $150.00
8 Weeks - Start Thursday February 9th

Photoshop for Photographers - Ala Carte Classes $25.00 each
Sign Up Online for 1 or More Weeks


1 - Photoshop – RAW file development

The first step in creating a spectacular image is the “development” of the RAW file. The RAW converter is very powerful and gives you a robust amount of image control. Learn to use Bridge as an interface to the RAW converter. Learn and use RAW smart objects for non-destructive tonal editing. Find out how to eliminate fringing, the red lines that form around highlights. Use the curves to produce film like tonal scales and eliminate that “digital” look. Control your cameras color and tonal response by using camera profiles. Learn how to recover slightly overexposed  highlights.

2 - Photoshop - Selection Strategies

The basis of all Photoshop manipulation is selecting areas of your image. We will examine the often-bewildering array of techniques for selecting regions. Learn to create complex selections with just a few clicks. Selection modes - add, subtract and intersect. Making trash layers to build selections, interactive edge adjustment, shrinking and spreading, and luminance masking are just a few of the strategies that will be demonstrated.

3 - Photoshop - Adjustment Layers

We will examine each of the photographically useful adjustment layer types and review the controls and secret commands. The use of non-destructive adjustments is the key to making great pictures without getting “photo editors remorse”. With adjustment layers you can control all aspects of your image. Using the selection techniques from the previous class you can confine the adjustments to specific regions or tonal ranges of the print. You will be further introduced to the powerful advanced method of Luminance Masking in this lesson.

4 - Luminance Masking

This method allows the contrast control of specific ranges of tones in your images. Many of the color and contrast enhancement plugins use this type of a transform to produce their results. The difference is that this is flexible and free, always good!!! Luminance masks will help to add detail to flat highlights and seperation in the shadows that did not seem to exist in the original.

5 - Photoshop - Color Balancing

The nature of digital color will be revealed to create a deeper understanding of how color is reproduced in RGB color space. Learn the color printing colorwheel and complimentary and analogous colors. We will learn to use the eyedropper and color sampler tools to aid in color balancing. Remove pesky color casts from the neutral areas of your pictures to create the feeling of balanced color. Use creative color grading as a tool to manipulate your viewer.

6 - Photoshop - Digital B&W

We will examine the creation of our own B&W panchromatic renditions from RGB color images. Learn to use the Channel Mixer, LAB mode, Photo Filter and Selective Color layers to create highly adjustable B&W images. Using the zone system in digital post processing with luminance masking with B&W images is very powerful. We will examine the use of reproduction curves to simulate different classic panchromatic film developers.

7 - Photoshop - Retouching

Learn to not only alter reality but how to use selective retouching to make your photos more powerful compositions. We will examine the use of a variety of tools to perform standard retouching tasks. We will examine the goals and methods of the professional retoucher in a number of instances. Just knowing what they do to an image is more then half the battle as the actual retouch is usually fairly simple. Examples will include portrait, nature and still life subjects.

8 - Photoshop – Sharpening and Sizing

Once an image master has been finished it must be sharpened and sized for printing. Selective sharpening using masks of different types will be demonstrated to allow for the maximum rendition of detail in the image. Different methods of sizing will be demonstrated to show the effects of each. Flattening and truncation of the 16 bit data will be covered and we will prepare a sized ready to print file from several image masters.

Classes meet at the Fremont Art Centre 37695 Niles Blvd. Fremont, CA.


HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography

Instructor: Cooksey-Talbott
1 - 3 hour session
Sunday - November 27 - 1pm to 4pm
Sunday - February 26 - 1pm to 4pm
40.00 for 3 hours

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is an earthshaking development in digital image processing. Bracketed sequences of frames shot from a tripod are combined taking a limited range of tones from each frame. This results in images with awesome highlight and shadow detail!

HDR processing allows you to make photographs that were simply impossible due to the limited range of brightness that could be captured on film or sensor. We will learn how and when to use this technique as well as some alternate tools available for the creation of the HDR composites including single frame HDR, HDR burning and dodging and digital graduated filters...

We will have a shoot out between HDR compositing with Photomatix 32 bit and Luminance Masked 16 bit HDR’s with some surprising results!

HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography
Sunday November 27th - 2011 - 1:00-4:00pm

HDR - High Dynamic Range Photography
Sunday February 26th - 2012 - 1:00-4:00pm


PANO - Panoramic and Stitched Photograpy

Instructor: Cooksey-Talbott
1 - 3 hour session
Sunday - November 20 - 1pm to 4pm
Sunday - February 19 - 1pm to 4pm
40.00 for 3 hours

Learn how to create beautiful hi-res Panoramic, Vertoramicand stitched high resolution images. Although a pano-head is not required we will learn a set up to calculate the correct nodal points for your lens. This head makes your picture stitch better and can cost less the 100.00.

We will cover both the image processing and camera techniques to make successful panos. The detail in a 50-100 megapixel image is breathtaking and best of all you can get there with the camera you currently own!

PANO - Panoramic and Stitched Photograpy
Sunday November 20th - 2011 - 1:00-4:00pm

PANO - Panoramic and Stitched Photograpy
Sunday February 19th - 2012 - 1:00-4:00pm


Intro to Digital Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements

Instructor: Jacline Deridder
4 - 2 Hour Classes
Usually on Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings 7:00-9:00pm
Call Jacline at 510.794.8235 for more information.

Session 1: 11/8/11, 11/9/11, 11/15/11, 11/16/11
Session 2: 12/6/11, 12/13/11, 12/14/11, 12/20/11
Session 3: 2/7/12, 2/8/12, 2/14/12, 2/15/12

If you love taking pictures with your digital camera and want them to turn out a little better these workshops are for you!

Award winning photographer Jacline Deridder will show how to manage, edit and resize your picture files using the inexpensive Photoshop Elements image-editing program. Photoshop Elements is a more affordable slimmed down version of Photoshop that costs less than a hundred dollars. The program features a subset of Photoshop's functionality and is a very powerful tool to enhance and print your pictures. You can have fun learning to do some Photoshop magic to your family and vacation pictures

1. The Basics

We will explore ways to improve a picture when you take it and after it's been shot. Cropping, contrast, composition, color correction, exposure problems. We will also look at how to use ajustments and pixels layers. Layers are the key to all photo editing and allow for almost limitless creative possibilities.

2. Overview of Photoshop Elements

Take a tour of the tools that can be used to enhance your photos, see how they can do wonders when combined with layers. Magic wand and other selections tools, text, zoom, sampling tool, navigation, brush, etc.

3. Enhance Your Photography...

This session will dig more into the tools that can be used to enhance your pictures and make them more true to what you saw at the moment you're pushed the button. Even if you know your camera well, and the conditions were ideal when you took the picture, you may not get the perfect shot. We will learn to use Elements to adjust and crop images and to improve your general image quality.

4. Retouch Your pictures...

Become a master of reality! Learn to retouch your pictures to eliminate problems like the dreaded red eye and to correct other difficulties. Learn to fix up the sky and transplant things from one picture into another. We will cover how to print your images or prepare them to be sent out for printing and where to send them for good quality prints. Learn about some of the other creative products on which you can have your pictures printed like tee shirts, mugs, placemats, etc.

Classes meet at the Fremont Art Centre, 37695 Niles Blvd, Fremont

Online Registration:
See the Classes page to sign up...
Call Jacline at 510.794.8235 for more info



S3 - Third Saturdays FAADPG 2010 Calendar

Free Fun Photo Field Trips and Workshops - Beginner to Advanced - Fremont Art Association Digital Photo Group

The S3 Photo Group

The Third Saturday, S3, photography group is a free street level art outreach program sponsored by the Cooksey-Talbott and the Fremont Art Association. The group leader is award winning bay area photographer Cooksey-Talbott assisted by the Fremont Artist of the Year Jacline Deridder.

S3 photo walks are on the third Saturday of each month. Activities are free and open to all who are interested in taking photographs and having a good time. You will find skill levels and equipment ranging from beginner to professional at our events.

We go places and some are more difficult then others. Please check the calendar to be sure that you are adequately prepared. We ask participants to sign a liability release for field trips.

The S3 photo group is a very diverse group. We are trying to have something for everybody so please feel welcome to come and participate.

You can get more information on the S3 program and photography classes through our free online forum at http://faadpg.ning.com.

If you are interested in photography please join our free photo group at Ning and share your pictures. "Like" us on Facebook and participate in an ongoing free photographic art appreciation program and discussion.

All of these S3 activities are FREE. On the longer trips folks will throw in some money for gas but if you are short of funds or a ride that is strictly not a problem.

We welcome you to come on out and join us for a good time!!!

S3 Online Events Calendar

Digital Photography Classes at the Fremont Art Centre
Class descriptions and dates through Spring 2012

S3 - Third Saturdays FAADPG 2010 Calendar
Free Fun Photo Field Trips and Workshops - Beginner to Advanced - Fremont Art Association Digital Photo Group


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