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This is a gallery of ready-to-hang pieces that are in stock and can be shipped immediately. My custom orders take around 10 days in-house before they ship.

The prints offered in this gallery are in a variety of sizes and presentations. Some have gallery markings and have been displayed at various galleries while others are new. If a print or mount has damage it will be indicated in the listing otherwise images are in new condition.

All prints are made by the artist in his studio on Canon large format printers and archival paper or cotton canvas.

There are some really beautiful large prints in this collection as well as nice small images. There are images at all the different price points.

My prints are really good for gifts, shop local this holiday season!

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Mono Lake Glass

Mono Lake at its glassy best...What a color of blue :)

This is a nice small print that would go nicely on a desktop or shelf!







RTH - Laminated Box Mount - LE

Point Lobos Twilight

Twilight is such a beautiful time of day. The lighting is indirect but somehow focused and the colors gain a richness that is washed out by the sun.

I stood on the bluff near Bird Island and made this time lapse photo of the waves crashing on the rocks.

This is a 25 megapixel image made from several frames of data from a Canon 5D Mark II.

This is a box mounted canvas print that is 10 x 24". 







RTH - Laminated Box Mount - LE

Moon Hills - 03-31-09

March 31 - 2009 

Sometimes I ride my bike around in the parks and it gives me that extra bit of range that I sometimes lack carrying 20-30lbs of gear.

In this case I rode out to the far southern tip of Garin park from the Tamarack trailhead and climbed the last hill where I got this just stunning shot of the moon rise in the sunset.

I have sold a number of prints of this and it is strictly breathtaking.

This is a 10 megapixel image from a Nikon D200. 

This 12x16 float mounted image is on smooth fine art paper.







RTH - Laminated Float Mount - OE

Punta Gorda

One day I took a walk down the Lost Coast trail south from the Mattole Trailhead.

About 5-6 miles down the beach to the south of Windy Point is this old deserted lighthouse on Punta Gorda Point. There is a beautiful little canyon there where the light keepers lived but... there is no road so the lighthouse has become deserted.

The red, white and yellow flowers were thick along the paths and in the canyon...

This image is several frames of Nikon D-200 stitched together by hand.

There are two prints available:

14x48 Sprayed Canvas Gallery Deep Wrap

17x5 Float Mount








RTH - Gallery Wrap Canvas - LE



RTH - Laminated Float Mount - LE

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