• Artists Palette Panorama

On Artist Drive in Death Valley is the Artist's Palette formation. The formation has a variety of different minerals that appear as different colors. The red, pink and yellow are iron. The green is mica and the purple is manganese.

I went here at three different times of day trying to find the best light. This is a north south ridgeline so in the early morning its in shade and at golden hour it is flatly lit. I thought the later mid-day light was the best. With some things there is no dramatic right answer to the best time for the light and this is one of those cases.

The colors of these rocks are a dramatic display and there is more that you cant see in this low resolution image like the timy yellow flowers growing on the lower hillsides. This is a very high resolution image so there are a myriad of small details that add to the whole effect. I certainly have never seen such a display of colors elsewhere but this is emblematic of the kinds of landforms that are present in Death Valley.

This is a 70 megapixel image made from a number of frames of Canon 5D Mark II data. 









RTH - Laminated Float Mount - LE




RTH - Laminated Float Mount - LE




RTH - Laminated Float Mount - LE




RTH - Laminated Float Mount - LE

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