Conness Ridge Tree

I camped near here...

I came back to camp at the last gasp of light and saw that this tree was brightly illuminated by the setting sun. I set off up the hill to get high enough that the tree did not intersect the ridgeline. My vision was a brightly illuminated tree against a dark cliff face with the illuminated Mt Conness ridgeline in the background.

By the time I had climbed high enough for the composition to work the light was gone. The next day we were there on time and I got several shots with this incisive lighting.

This is a 20 megapixel image from a Canon 5D Mark II

I have 2 prints of this and they are incredible!

The smaller open edition print is a box mounted 7x10 on archival smooth fine art paper for 30.00. 

The larger limited edition print is a float mounted 17x24 on archival smooth fine art paper for 150.00.


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