Vernal Falls Winter

I had arrived in Yosemite the prior evening after dusk and stayed in a luxurious tent cabin. I awoke at dawn to the most resounding silence. It had snowed during the night and it was continuing to snow...

I walked with my friends up the incredibly steep trail to Vernal Falls. At the base of the falls the mist staircase was impassably frozen so we stopped and waited for the snow to clear.

After sitting on a mist drenched rock with the darkcloth over my camera for a while the snow cleared momentarily and I captured this image.

This is a color image in which stark monochrome tonality of the falls is contrasted with a small patch of blue sky and green moss on the rocks.

This photograph was taken on Kodak VPS 160 using a 6x9 roll film holder with a 150mm Schneider lens using a Toyo 4x5 view camera.







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