Bad Water

We got out here and immediately started melting. It was so hot!!!

Luckily I had my rain umbrella which gave me the only spot of shade in sight in the brutal heat of the Death Valley afternoon.

This was to the point where you would burn your hands on the metal parts of your camera if you didn\\'t shelter it from the sun.

Bad Water springs is the lowest point in North America.

The springs maintain a shallow pool of saline water which has formed crystalline structures. It is surrounded by alkaline salt flats.

On the cliff, 282 feet above the road, they have a Sea Level sign that sparked the tourists interest and caused much pointing and picture taking...

Really to tell the truth I preferred the springs. Nice color and texture, whats not to like!!!

This is a 33 megapixel image made from a number of frames of Canon 5D Mark II data shot with the 24-105mm lens.

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