Death Valley Dune Edge

One of the places in Death Valley that I enjoyed the most was the sand dunes. We got there at 5:00pm so the major heat had broken and it was maybe down to 98 degrees...

The sand dunes are formed in places where the winds converge. In this case the wind coming out of the south is hit by the air moving over the Stovepipe Wells pass.

While we were there the winds were quite active and the sand was blowing and in the end we were all covered with the stuff which engendered some cleaning of the gear before we did our night shoot at Devil's Golf Course..

The result ? Wonderful dunes have formed...

I didn't make it here at dawn so I had the zen exercise of raking the sand in photoshop to eliminate the footprints that randomly tracked through the dunes. A nice way to spend an hour and some on Saturday afternoon.

I thought that the dune edges were powerful leading lines and I set out to use them in a vertorama.

This photo was shot using a a "Really Right Stuff" pano head that allows me to make a vertorama with the camera in landscape orientation for maximum resolution in the short dimension. It's a piece of American made gear which costs a little more but its solid and worth the price.

This is a 110 megapixel image made from a number of frames of Canon 5D Mark II data.

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