Cows on a Small Planet

 I walked straight up a hill to a largish patch of thistles, it was a good stiff half mile with the tripod and camera on my shoulder...

I set the pre-assembled camera and tripod up on the ground while I collapsed and had some water.

Once I had recovered I stood up and looked at the camera, it was all crooked and cattywompus and pointed off into space...

I looked into the chimney finder on general princples and found this wonderful accidential composition.

A very Little Prince-ian scene of Cows on a Small Planet!

This photograph was taken on Kodak VC-160 film with a 65mm lens using a Mamiya RB67 camera.

I have one print of this in stock. It is an 18x24" float mounted print on smooth fine art paper number 12/250 and is selling fo $150.00. 







RTH - Laminated Float Mount - OE

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