Conness Ridge Sunset

20 Lakes basin sits on the the border of Yosemite's Tuolumne high country.

The basin is at about 10,000 feet and is a very accessible place to visit.

A quick ride on the water taxi out of Saddlebag Lake and a couple of miles of slightly uphill trail and you are complete surrounded by tall peaks. The camping and fishing is good. Each time I have been there I have seen high wind conditions so be prepaerd for wind.

We walked up to the upper part of the basin where there is a network of small mosquito lakes many of which are vernal pools.

This evening was alternating between strong wind and calm. I took this sequence during one of the periods of calm air. After the sun went down the wind howled for the remainder of the evening. Why does it always do that when I am trying to sleep ?

This is a 62 megapixel image made from a numbr of frames of data from a Canon 5D Mark II

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