Horsetail Falls

This is a spectacular waterfall that you see when driving out of the Tahoe Basin. You pop over echo summit and come around a wide curve to proceed sharply downhil. This is a mountain and thats what they do :)

As you look up from the road there is the waterfall and it is spectacular!!!!

There is a catch, at the bottom of the hill are some really large rocs and the road does a sharp hairpin turn. Every one nearly loses it the first time. After that they know not to look too long...

To get to the falls you follow the creek around the edge of a granite dome and cut into the undergrowth through crudely hewn paths. The forest service has someone come out with a slasher bar and cut the path but long clothes are nice if you like to be un-blemished.

This is a long cascade type waterfall, very little straight drop. If you walk right up to the falls you cant see the whole thing, only the tier that you are on currently. The view from the road is about level with the top of the cliff.

I walked up the side of the canyon and found this nice view of the falls. When I go back to here I will spend some more time going up the left wall of the canyon.

This is a 29 megapixel image made from a number of frames of Nikon D-200 data.

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