Sentinal Rock from El Cap Meadow

Digital photography is such an advantage...

I have made pictures of Yosemite for years on film and it is hard! The place is very contrasty and the shadows in the trees are dark like night. Further a wide angle lens is not really wide enough to render the beauty of the place the way we percieve it visually. Here I have captured over 150 degrees in the vertical image so that it reads like our normal field of vision.

Here I am using progressive exposure to control the dynamic range of the scene and create body detail and color in the meadow and trees while holding the detail in the clouds.

With the progressive exposure technique I change exposure for the darker frames of the image as needed. When they are stitched together the exposures are blended to create a smooth image.

This is a 90 megapixel image made from a number of frames of Canon 5D Mark II data.


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