Cathedral Rocks

I got a few nice shots from this years trip through Yosemite, really it\\'s hard not to come away with a nice photo. I took a walk through El-Cap Meadow as I was a little broken and all trails around the edge of the valley go up. Steeply up! 

I was not into a real strenuous hiking thing... More like a la la la through the meadow with my camera, tripod, waterbottle and a lens kit in my pocket.

Wide field photography really makes Yosemite work because you can get things on the ground as well as the tops of the cliffs. With a wide angle lens this can be difficult in some situations. The progressive focusing on this set of frames makes it sharp from the nearest part of the log through the top of the cliffs. I am beginning to think that progressive focus is better then lens tilt. Of course I am a photo geek :)

This is a 25 megapixel image made from several frames of Canon 5D Mark II data.

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